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Compaq CQ61: The Multimedia Laptop With Solid Performance

David Munro | 1 November 2009

Three have announced the addition of the Compaq CQ61’s to their line of laptop broadband deals. This eye-candy laptop has made competitors burn with envy with its high-end chic design and great features.

The Compaq CQ61 is laptop that takes pride in its lustre and chic piano black frame. It takes, with its design, after high-end HP laptops that come with a much higher price tag. The standard 15.6 inch LED screen boasts a high definition bright view that makes the Compaq CQ61 a multimedia superhero.

With the Compaq CQ61 screen, expect to watch movies for hours without feeling your eyes tear up – or maybe they will out of happiness. Expect to play action games for hours without leaving your room. This is simply the Compaq CQ61 effect that buyers have been reporting since day one.

The Compaq CQ61 brings you excellent audio and video playback. The high-end speakers, usually found on HP’s more expensive models, exceed exceptions with their warm notes and clear resonance. Music lovers will love listening to their albums while at work, while movie lovers will definitely have a blast watching movies during their free time.

The Compaq CQ61’s Intel Celeron Processor is the power behind such effect. As it pumps out great output for the optimum multimedia and gaming experience. When multitasking, the Compaq CQ61 excels with its added RAM space and optimized power spending. You’ll never have to worry about your Compaq CQ61 crashing, as it is designed to keep you entertained sans the lag troubles.

You can’t possibly spend hours gaming without a proper keyboard setup. For that, the Compaq CQ61 presents you with the high standard ergonomic keyboard. You’ll feel the difference from the very first time you type in an email or chat message. The soft buttons offer great feedback without any noise – ideal for night chatters and writers who wish to type the night away.

One can’t think of the Compaq CQ61 without mentioning its superb connectivity. With the standard Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily surf the internet in cafes, shops, or even malls. For people conducting business, you’ll be glad to find the HDMI port to connect your laptop to projectors without trouble.

So what about battery life? But wait, there must a catch, this laptop can’t have it all! Sorry to disappoint you, but the Compaq CQ61 is a high flyer even in the battery department. Packed with long-lasting battery life, the Compaq CQ61 undergoes strict multitasking chores with solid performance and great power saving procedures.

Three Mobile has definitely done their homework before bringing the Compaq CQ61 back to their home. Combing solid performance, great quality, chic design, and superb battery life, the Compaq CQ61 is a laptop to look for at a great, budget-friendly price. If you’re looking for a multimedia center, the Compaq CQ61 should be on your top ten list, as it can deliver what you need and more without breaking a sweat.

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